A new Purchase which made me so happy

Recently I am working on my handwriting and trying to learn calligraphy, and for a person who likes writing, it is quite enjoyable. I am keeping a very loose journal which is inspired by the bullet journal concept, but in a reality it is far from that, it is like a Virginia Woolf novel where there is a stream of consciousness sometimes only the author will comprehend.

In an attempt to improve my handwriting, I found a facebook group called #rockyourhandwriting, which is very cool. Every month they publish a challenge list where you get to practice handwriting through a certain prompt. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of August and love it.


(This is one of the prompts)

And the more I practiced, the more I wanted to write with a high quality pen, especially a fountain pen. Seeing my passion, my father-in-law gave me a vintage pen of his, but I found out fountain pens are much like musical instruments. They only get old and wary once you stop using them.


It is really gorgeous, but its upper part wouldn’t open. After days of work I managed to open it, filled it with blue ink, and it was doing OK until it stopped writing. I tried and tried to open it again for days, did anything that can be done but no, it won’t open. I think I’ll give it back to him or maybe seek repair. I doubt I will find a repairperson that can fix it though.

So I decided to buy a brand new fountain pen. I decided on a yellow Lamy Safari, which I heard is both affordable and durable. It was designed in 1980 (you can tell from the avantgarde design) by Wolfgang Fabian and it’s been produced ever since.

I filled it with purple ink and voila! It writes so smoothly and easily that I fell in love with it!


I read in an article that happy people are those who pay money for experiences, or rather things that will provide them with experiences, like books or this lovely pen. I doubt it will be my last fountain pen, but I plan to downsize my other pens and I guess I won’t need ballpoint pens as much anymore. It is also more environmentally friendly (and more minimalist, yay) to buy ink rather than a whole pen again and again. So this beautiful Lamy marks the beginning of my fountain pen journey. Lots of things to learn!




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