Favorite Place- Humlegården

Humlegården, Stockholm

Weekly photo challenge: Favorite Place I love parks and gardens, that's no secret. Wherever I go, the first places on my list are parks and gardens. However, the first park I ever saw on my first trip abroad remains to be my favorite: Humlegården in Stockholm. I had seen an old picture (believe it's from 1880s) … Continue reading Favorite Place- Humlegården

I live in a neighbourhood where…

you can take a meditative walk which makes you feel you're in a forest, where you get off the metro to a lovely lakeside garden with pagodas and monkeys and birds and all kinds of gorgeous plants with huge leaves, where it is so safe that bicycle theft is a red alarm, where just about … Continue reading I live in a neighbourhood where…

The Road Not Taken

It cannot be a coincidence that both Koray and I love the poem "The Road Not Taken". I've always loved the things that aren't that popular,  stayed away from best-sellers even though I felt they were good, and always had the urge to try unfamiliar things. Now I can't say that I'm a courageous person, … Continue reading The Road Not Taken

First Impressions on Japan and the Japanese

I recently came back from my trip to Japan. It's certainly been amazing and at the same time very different. Being Turkish, on my trips to Europe I mostly felt like an outsider, but more like a nextdoor neighbour. However, in Japan, I felt like an alien really. I didn't expect to see so many … Continue reading First Impressions on Japan and the Japanese