Amor Fati

Whatever-what ever comes my way, I will accept it willingly- And be grateful for it. Day 9 of August-month of daily word inspirations.  


Change is like waves, You always know it is coming- But hardly ever how big it will be. Day 8 of August-month of daily word inspirations


You capture the moment, Or slowly kill it- And time does not even care. Day 7 of August-month of daily word inspirations (Inspired by the movie 5 to 7)


you wrap yourself up in a blanket thinking of good and bad what if there isn’t? Day 5 of August: a month of daily word inspirations.

The Road

It is time- in front of you. Will you choose to go ahead? Will you stand, or even, go back? Day 4 of August-month of daily word inspirations


Hiding away from the dark Searching for what may be real once you escape, you can feel.         Day 3 of August: a month of wordly inspirations. (image taken from here)


Been waiting so long, so impatiently, You came just at the time, unexpectedly And will wilt just the same. Day 2 of August-month of daily word inspirations


To be is so uncomplicated- Yet so many of us Fail to be it.           Day 1 of August- a month of daily word inspirations

August-month of daily word inspirations

Last month, the lovely blog Scribe’s Canvas did  daily word inspiration challenge, and I adored her small pieces of poetry, much like a haiku. I loved reading them every day, they were very inspiring to me, I can’t imagine how inspiring they are for herself! And I decided that I will […]

Mini declutter Thursday.

How one accumulates too much stuff is a curious thing. Today I said goodbye to two tops as their sizes are too big for me to flatter my body. I also tossed three empty boxes with weird shapes (why do I keep these anyway, just in case I need it, […]

Bugün Veda Ettiğim Küçük Şeyler.

İnsan farkında olmadan nasıl da eşya ile kaplanıveriyor etrafı. Bugün bana büyük gelen iki bluza, kullanma imkanım olmayan üç kutuya (niye baştan tutuyorum ki bunları, belki bir gün lazım olur diye, tüm ev istifleniyor) terliğimden kopup evin her yerinde dolaşan ponpona, kesilen kot pantolonumun paçalarına (hahaha,  “belki bir gün” bir […]