creative writing

In between all the rush…

Just pause. For maybe 10 seconds. Or maybe 10 minutes. Pause as much as you can. And ponder. How Small you are, in the Universe. Just a grain in the powder. And how Big you are. So big that you carry all the Universes just inside one cell of yours. And […]


I know someone who is always early. He is even early to being early. Always in a rush, always rushing people. What does he earn at the end? Unfinished breakfast, Unfinished business, More time waiting for Godot. Nobody comes, nobody goes, nothing happens. Well he is even early to that.


You may not catch up with the hare- But the hare will not see how beautiful Everything in this life is. The hare will not enjoy how fast it can […]


Funny before I start to fly, They tell me I must have wings- Learn how to fly and at the same time, Never think about it at all. Day 12 of August-month of […]


All our lives have been Consumed by opening the right doors With the wrong keys. Day 10 of August-month of daily word inspirations.

Amor Fati

Whatever-what ever comes my way, I will accept it willingly- And be grateful for it. Day 9 of August-month of daily word inspirations.  


Change is like waves, You always know it is coming- But hardly ever how big it will be. Day 8 of August-month of daily word inspirations


You capture the moment, Or slowly kill it- And time does not even care. Day 7 of August-month of daily word inspirations (Inspired by the movie 5 to 7)


you wrap yourself up in a blanket thinking of good and bad what if there isn’t? Day 5 of August: a month of daily word inspirations.

The Road

It is time- in front of you. Will you choose to go ahead? Will you stand, or even, go back? Day 4 of August-month of daily word inspirations


Hiding away from the dark Searching for what may be real once you escape, you can feel.         Day 3 of August: a month of wordly inspirations. (image taken from here)