5 things to be before you die

In a creative writing book, one of the prompts was to write "5 things to do before you die". Five isn't a big number, that's why you  need to put only the biggest dreams there. You can't put "not so sure" kind of dreams in a list of five. At the beginning of the list, … Continue reading 5 things to be before you die

Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)

I really can't say I've found my style yet, a style that I can keep for years. Or rather, I'm denying my jeans & basic t-shirt style and hoping that I'll come up with something chic (or I'll be a cool grandma who's still wearing jeans and a star wars t-shirt). Meanwhile, I adore people with … Continue reading Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)

Things I said Goodbye This Week

This week I said goodbye to my guitar, which has a sentimental value but has never been used for the last seven years. It's been sitting at my parents' house, sadly. I remember the first time I started to play when I was twelve; I had a very cheap guitar, but I was quite eager. … Continue reading Things I said Goodbye This Week

5 Reasons why Minimalists Prefer Short Hair

Even a very simple choice such as a haircut can change one's daily routine greatly. Here are my top reasons why I prefer short hair. 1. It's practical. You need minimum time and effort when styling short hair. Even with very stubborn hair like mine, all I need is a straightener and it takes 5 … Continue reading 5 Reasons why Minimalists Prefer Short Hair

17 Before 2017- and thoughts on 2016

Earlier in September, I set seventeen goals for myself to accomplish before 2017 starts. Here is what it looked like:   November and December was crazy at work, so I can't say I was great at making all of these goals come true. Let's see how it went: Goals 1 to 4: Minimalism These were … Continue reading 17 Before 2017- and thoughts on 2016

No-Spend November: Final Update

November was one busy and difficult month for me. I had so many responsibilities at work that I wasn't surprised that sometimes I forgot about I wasn't buying anything in November on some days. I wish that we had some sort of a winter break here in Turkey, but even New Year's Eve falls on a … Continue reading No-Spend November: Final Update

You go girl!

Oyuncu Shailene Woodley diyor ki: "Özellikle kullanılmış giysiler alıyorum. Ben bu gezegenin bir vatandaşı olacağım, ve sorumluluklarımı yerine getirip, doğayla sürekli savaşmaktansa onunla barışık yaşayacağım." Keşke Türkiye'de de ikinci el giyinme yaygınlaşsa!

No Spend November Update

It is mid-November, so I thought I might share my no-spend experiences with you. In my original post, I especially wanted to avoid online shopping and shopping for clothes, so I completely managed that. It was no big deal because on weekdays, I get almost no stimulants about shopping. My typical day is driving from … Continue reading No Spend November Update

No Spend November. Can I do it? We’ll see.

This weekend I might have had a little of shopping spree, buying skincare products, a watch, a pair of sandals for next summer (big sale!), contact lenses, a bottle of ink (Diamine Oxblood, I'm in love) and finally four books. And my husband got a pair of sneakers for me from Dubai. How could I … Continue reading No Spend November. Can I do it? We’ll see.

Given Away and Sold!

Sometimes we just don't realize how accessories take over our space and no matter how many new items we buy, we just can't get rid of the old ones. Today I've given away two of my watches. I can get rid of clothes very easily, cheap accessories I can just throw away, but something like … Continue reading Given Away and Sold!

17 before 2017

As fall starts, we have a little more than 3 months until 2017. Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. And it is a perfect time to  review my year and my goals. This year I changed jobs, I am a little freer now so I had a chance to focus on … Continue reading 17 before 2017

Small things that make a difference 

When I was in the shops the other day, I saw a huge discount on Toms shoes. Last year, I wanted a Toms so dearly that I got a pair, from the series Earthwise. It's vegan and totally recyclable, but it wore out too quickly for my taste. I usually wear a pair I buy … Continue reading Small things that make a difference 

Decluttering: Komono (Part 1)

What Marie Kondo addressed in her book as "komono" (in Japanese: miscellaneous) is the source of most clutter in our homes. It is the small, uncategorized objects that hang around without much consideration. For me, there are two areas that needed work: paper and plastic bags. i. Paper clutter. I work as a lecturer, so during … Continue reading Decluttering: Komono (Part 1)

A new Purchase which made me so happy

Recently I am working on my handwriting and trying to learn calligraphy, and for a person who likes writing, it is quite enjoyable. I am keeping a very loose journal which is inspired by the bullet journal concept, but in a reality it is far from that, it is like a Virginia Woolf novel where … Continue reading A new Purchase which made me so happy