In between all the rush…

Just pause. For maybe 10 seconds. Or maybe 10 minutes. Pause as much as you can. And ponder. How Small you are, in the Universe. Just a grain in the powder. And how Big you are. So big that you carry all the Universes just inside one cell of yours. And […]


You may not catch up with the hare- But the hare will not see how beautiful Everything in this life is. The hare will not enjoy how fast it can […]


Funny before I start to fly, They tell me I must have wings- Learn how to fly and at the same time, Never think about it at all. Day 12 of August-month of […]


All our lives have been Consumed by opening the right doors With the wrong keys. Day 10 of August-month of daily word inspirations.

Amor Fati

Whatever-what ever comes my way, I will accept it willingly- And be grateful for it. Day 9 of August-month of daily word inspirations.