Nereden Başlayacağım? Kapsül Gardırop 1

Eğer minimalizm kavramı sizi de heyecanlandırıyorsa, ama nereden başlayacağınızı bilemiyorsanız, doğru cevap gardırobunuz. Azaltma işine kıyafetlerden başlamanın çok büyük avantajı var. İlk olarak insan bazı şeylerden nasıl kolay vazgeçilebileceğini görüyor. Aynı zamanda da en basit yaşayanımızın bile ne denli istifçi olduğunu... Ve de yıllar içinde ne kadar saçma tarzlar denediğini, bazılarına tutunduğunu. Bunları görmek insana … Continue reading Nereden Başlayacağım? Kapsül Gardırop 1

Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)

I really can't say I've found my style yet, a style that I can keep for years. Or rather, I'm denying my jeans & basic t-shirt style and hoping that I'll come up with something chic (or I'll be a cool grandma who's still wearing jeans and a star wars t-shirt). Meanwhile, I adore people with … Continue reading Style Matters (but not the size of your wardrobe)

Be the Change you wish to see in the world.

I used to ponder upon these words from Mahatmi Gandhi, but didn't find it very applicable. I was a vegetarian for four years, but even then I couldn't truly see the meaning behind these inspiring words of Gandhi, who was also a vegetarian. Maybe because I didn't believe in "change", I couldn't make the other … Continue reading Be the Change you wish to see in the world.

Living with Few(er) Clothes

But being a messy person since my childhood (Mr. Messy Man will get my feelings), I've always found myself in the middle of a mess, no matter what I do. I've realized, I don't need any of the mess. If there wasn't so much stuff around, why would mess happen? But is it easy to get rid of items you've been clinging to for all these years? Of course not.