In between all the rush…

Just pause. For maybe 10 seconds. Or maybe 10 minutes. Pause as much as you can. And ponder. How Small you are, in the Universe. Just a grain in the powder. And how Big you are. So big that you carry all the Universes just inside one cell of yours. And that you can change everything, … Continue reading In between all the rush…


You may not catch up with the hare- But the hare will not see how beautiful Everything in this life is. The hare will not enjoy how fast it can run How strong its legs are. The hare will not know the earth under its feet is full of plants and worms to keep it alive. … Continue reading Tortoise

Experience over things: the case of museums and malls

Yesterday I went to the natural history museum in Ankara. I live in Ankara for eight years-on and off- but never really thought natural history museum was worth a visit. It's funny because I love biology, paleoanthropolgy and most definitely I love geology and stones (I have a small collection of semi-precious stones and have … Continue reading Experience over things: the case of museums and malls

Slow down. Cut down.

What do you do in a day? I, for example, on a day I don't go to work, cook, eat, drink coffee, if not enough tea. While trying to work on a fictional story, my mind says let's go play this video game. Once in a while I get crafty and the whole house turns … Continue reading Slow down. Cut down.

Don’t fear the void. Love the void.

(Monet, Water Lilies) Doing nothing has an inexplicable impact. If you are doing it consciously, if you just resist the speed of life... If your mind is empty and clear... Wow. There is a big secret to doing nothing and we, as people who live in big cities and in the 21st century, have long … Continue reading Don’t fear the void. Love the void.