Favorite Place- Humlegården

Humlegården, Stockholm

Weekly photo challenge: Favorite Place I love parks and gardens, that's no secret. Wherever I go, the first places on my list are parks and gardens. However, the first park I ever saw on my first trip abroad remains to be my favorite: Humlegården in Stockholm. I had seen an old picture (believe it's from 1880s) … Continue reading Favorite Place- Humlegården

I live in a neighbourhood where…

you can take a meditative walk which makes you feel you're in a forest, where you get off the metro to a lovely lakeside garden with pagodas and monkeys and birds and all kinds of gorgeous plants with huge leaves, where it is so safe that bicycle theft is a red alarm, where just about … Continue reading I live in a neighbourhood where…

A few tips on packing/ Bavul yapma üzerine birkaç ipucu

1. If you're packing a sun hat, put it upside down and fill inside and the outer edges with soft clothes like t-shirts and socks. This ensures the hat will stay in shape. 1. Eğer bavulunuza bir hasır şapka koyacaksanız ilk önce ters olarak koyup, içini ve dışını tişört ya da çorap gibi yumuşak kıyafetlerle … Continue reading A few tips on packing/ Bavul yapma üzerine birkaç ipucu

The Road Not Taken

It cannot be a coincidence that both Koray and I love the poem "The Road Not Taken". I've always loved the things that aren't that popular,  stayed away from best-sellers even though I felt they were good, and always had the urge to try unfamiliar things. Now I can't say that I'm a courageous person, … Continue reading The Road Not Taken

First Impressions on Japan and the Japanese

I recently came back from my trip to Japan. It's certainly been amazing and at the same time very different. Being Turkish, on my trips to Europe I mostly felt like an outsider, but more like a nextdoor neighbour. However, in Japan, I felt like an alien really. I didn't expect to see so many … Continue reading First Impressions on Japan and the Japanese

Japonya’ya yolculuk…

Yarın akşam saatlerinde Japonya'ya 15 günlük bir seyahate çıkıyoruz! Bunu duyan arkadaşlarımın tepkisi ya "harika!", ya da "gidecek başka yer kalmadı mı? neden orası?" şeklinde oluyor. İlk olarak neden bu ülkeyi çok sevdiğimden bahsedeyim. Uzakdoğu'ya ilgim eskiden beri olsa da, Japonya'ya ilgim yaklaşık altı yıl önce başladı. O zamanlar yazdığım blogda şöyle yazmışım: Dedim ki, … Continue reading Japonya’ya yolculuk…

Where do you call “home”?

Since I was born, I have lived in 8 different places. Come to think of it, the place where I most felt at home was the dormitory, where I spent four years at university. It was the smallest place ever, four beds( two bunk beds actually), four closets and a long table with four chairs … Continue reading Where do you call “home”?